Biopharmaceutical Processing

Your partner in process validation and risk management; all parts exceed the most stringent quality and sanitary standards.

Exacting standards.

All of our products and services meet the demands of regulatory requirements. Our commitment to partnering with you to meet and exceed your needs is our personal goal.

Deep knowledge.

Our worldwide market reach and depth of experience has enabled us to develop a history of problem solving that informs our vision for tomorrow. As new challenges bring new demands, we strive to meet our clients' needs by bringing expert resources and a wealth of knowledge.


We offer a wide array of products for the biopharmaceutical industry. Our primary focus is on seals; sanitary gaskets, tri camp seals, vessel cover o-rings and high purity/sanitary o-rings. We intend to maintain the highest standards as our offerings expand and our clients' needs create new opportunities.


Our goal is to be a partner in your processes. With the rigorous demands of this industry comes the need for reliability in all aspects of your work. That means not just forensic testing, new product awareness, forecasting and dependable product deliveries but also problem solving from the client's viewpoint and going the extra mile to find the right solution.


We have only one measure of success. Our success is measured by our clients' success.
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